Classroom Tote


New upgraded quality!

• 15”W x 15”H x 5”D
• Durable brushed canvas with an extra soft finish
• Wide bottom so you can easily fit all your books!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Emma Hanlon
Classroom Tote

I am in love with my bag! It’s perfect for carrying all of my books and electronics I need for school. I love it!

Martha Aparicio
Great surprise

I just wanted to say that my daughter was super excited and happy to get her birthday gift!!! Definitely did not expect to get school tote bag😃 but I had over heard her say that she was in your website and everything was sold out. I was like perfect I will keep checking and once it’s back on market I will get it. Love her reaction!!! Plus she is going back to college so she can take her tote with her.

Grace Walter
Literally the best tote ever!!

This tote bag is so cute with its design, the material is also very thick but soft so you know your stuff is going to be protected. This bag became my new work bag because of how light weight and sturdy it is. I love bobbie's work so I'd definitely buy another bag for a friend or for myself lol.

So cute and great quality!!

As a teacher, I love anything classroom related and this tote is a great addition to my closet. I love that it's thick, durable material and the image is the cutest! I love everything about it.

Tim Foley
Stylish and great

Bought it for my girlfriend and she was so happy and loves it.

Great quality to it, even better than the older totes.